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3 Yoga Techniques to Beat the Heat this Summer

Sweaty…sticky…irritable…ahhh, summertime. When temperatures reach scorching levels, you might be feeling an imbalance of your pitta dosha, the fiery energy that regulates your heat and metabolism. Yoga poses practiced gently and meditatively balance the mind and body and are beneficial at any time of the year, especially when the heat tends to get to best of us

If you’ve ever noticed that your mood gets impacted by sweltering heat, you’re not alone. Hot weather has been reported to reduce people’s emotional well-being and has been linked to increased negative emotions. When it’s especially hot, you need extra rest to rejuvenate your body and your brain. A clever way to bypass the stickiness and beat the heat is by practicing yoga. But how do we keep an active lifestyle and stay cool as the temperatures continue to rise?

1. Go for Moon Salutation instead of Sun Salutations: a sequences that will help you calm the central nervous system and prepare the body for rest as you channel the lunar energy which has cool, relaxing and creative qualities. As you find your flow state, your body and mind will ease and restore to a place of balance.

2. Practice Shitali Pranayama: This technique is done by curling the sides of your tongue towards one another and sticking your tongue out through your lips. You slowly sip air through a rolled tongue, focus your attention on the cooling sensation and exhale out through the nose. Repeat 5-15 times

3. Meditate: if you're feeling overwhelmed, irritable or lightheaded, maybe it's best to take things slowly especially as we go through yet another heatwave. Take a midday meditation when the body is feeling the effects of the heat, so you can help yourself regulate and cool down. Use the breath and subtle visualization to restore a sense of cool stillness to body and mind

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