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4 reasons why Power Yoga is for you!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Some of you already know I love a Power Yoga Flow. Growing up lifting weights, hiking and always looking for adventure really helped me to understand this style is something that I'm passionate about. And I might not be as fit as I used to when I was a teenager (I wish), but Power Yoga flows added a different kind of strength to my life

⭐️ One of the main reasons why I love Power yoga is because it's the best way to build Confidence. It's pretty difficult to have low self esteem, doubt or impostor syndrome when you're in Goddess pose for 5 full breaths. You connect to that side of you that feels powerful, unstoppable and resilient. Pushing yourself and finding out what your able to do with your body can be a huge revelation. It's the perfect way of building self-belief and self-trust

🧡 The second reason why I love to push beyond the barriers and enjoy the challenge of new movements and new poses is because it boosts endorphins. I remember thinking in the middle of a class what my next meal was going to be or how I was going to "treat myself" after this workout, but after I finished the class, the self-sabotage thinking was gone. I felt amazing! It's a natural response of your body to the strength work. You're lifting your body AND your mood. The best part is that feeling powerful really helps you go through all the challenges of the day with grace and helps take your physical practice (on the mat) into your everyday life (off the mat)

🌿 Feeling strong and diving deeper into your practice also has a healing element to it. There has been times in my life where I've felt low, vulnerable, fragile. Where nothing will lift me up and help me feel better. We've all been there and we've all had those days (especially in winter), but keeping my power yoga class helps me grow my physical and mental strength and keeps me going and helps me see what I can achieve. You're "training" your drive, your discipline as well as your muscles. Go beyond the physical and understand how your regular practice can help you let go attachment and judgment and thrive on other areas of your life.

🧘‍♀️ Building for the future. The idea of feeling and being strong in my older life, being available for my children, or grandchildren (who knows?) is enough to motivate me and makes me want to future proof my health every time.

So, if you feel this is not for you because you don't have the strength to join a Power Yoga class, don't! All poses can be modified and all you have to do is adjust for your level of strength and balance. We all started somewhere. What matters is starting! 🙌🏻

Good luck and let me know if you ever join a Power Yoga Class. I'd love to hear more about how you felt 🧡


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