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Becoming your Own Best Friend

In a world that emphasises external connections and relationships, it's easy to overlook the most important relationship of all—the one with ourselves. Imagine having a loyal, understanding, and supportive friend who is always there for you, the kind of friend that will always be on your team, even when you could have done things a little bit better. That friend can be you! Becoming your own best friend is a transformative journey that involves practicing self-compassion, prioritizing self-care, and embracing self-discovery.

No matter how lovely the people in our lives are and how much they do for us, we can only control how we show up for ourselves. A best friend would remember your birthday, celebrate your success, check in with you when you're down, show you compassion when you make mistakes, travel together, listen to you, plan fun things, night outs or holidays. A good friend would also talk to you in a kind and loving way. So, can you do the same things for yourself as if you were your best friend?

Have you check on yourself? Are you listening to what you need? Have you planned fun things with/for yourself? Can you bring the same kindness a friend would when you talk to yourself?

  • One lovely way to show yourself love is writing yourself a letter. Imagine writing yourself a birthday card, what would you say to yourself about yourself? I know this might sound like something you'd never do, but what if you tried? You could be surprise of how much or how little you can say to yourself

  • Spend time with yourself. Get out and live life. Don't wait for other people to try a new restaurant, book a holiday, go to the gym, start a new course. Choose to do things for yourself and have some fun.

  • Celebrate your wins and successes. Take time to embrace the wonderful things you're able to do and you've achieved. What would you say to your partner or best friend if they got promoted?

  • Take the time to figure out who you want to be and who you want to surround yourself with. Being unapologetically you without changing or being someone you're not just to fit in a group. It's about understanding how you want to belong in this world and finding friendships that represent the journey you are at, and who you are in your core.

Befriend yourself and then, you can go and find out who are the people that help you be the person you are and want to be without a feeling of abandoning yourself.

You are enough!


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