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Namaste Gifting: 8 Unique Yoga Presents for a Mindful Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The holiday season embodies a spirit of generosity and goodwill toward others. It's a time when you might be more inclined to give and share with their loved ones and even strangers. It's a chance to show appreciation, thoughtfulness, and love during a season that's all about coming together and spreading joy, and there's nothing better than finding a gift that resonates and brings joy to your loved ones. Whether it's for enhancing their yoga or promoting mindfulness in their daily life, these gifts reflect the spirit of calmness and well-being that embodies the essence of yoga.


1. Yoga Mug - the perfect gift for your yoga and coffee lover. Beautiful design and very accessible price at £13.99 Link to buy

2. Yoga Tote - My sister gifted me this bag for my birthday and I have to say, it's the most practical, lightweight and spacious bag I've had. I love that it has a compartment for shoes and sweaty clothes, perfect for an after a hot yoga class :D. Price: £17.99! Link to buy

3. The Power of Now - This is one of my favourite books and one that's very easy to read for beginners or anyone looking to be more centred in the present moment. Gift time to rest and reset with this empowering, motivational book by Eckhart Tolle for just £9.80 Link to buy


4. Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel - I still remember when I got my yoga first yoga wheel a few years ago. I felt seen and grateful beyond limits as it was exactly what I have been dreaming about. I still use mine a lot, mostly with the children to play and stretch my back, but it's wonderful to work on your balance or move deeper into some yoga poses, especially backbends. A really lovely gift. Priced at £30. Link to buy

5. Meditation Cushion with mandala design - This one is not only good for meditation but also as part of your yoga decoration. I can't wait to get mine, especially after finishing my training in meditation and breathwork, I feel this is exactly what I need for those moments of silence and deeper connection. Price: £39.95 / Link to buy

6. Liforme Yoga Pad - Perfect for the yogi on-the-go. This pad is cushioning enough to protect your joints and support your practice wherever you go. Easy to carry and a great gift for this season for £49.95 Link to buy


7. Lumie Wake-up Light Alarm Clock with Sleep Sunset - This might be a more expensive gift, but it's 100% worth it. I bought mine 2 years ago after the pandemic as I was very affected by the darkness and was finding it hard to stay motivated and wake up in the mornings during winter time. This was a life saver. It has different levels to set your sunrise to wake up feeling more energised and ready for your day. Price: £79.20. Link to see more details

Happy gifting and may your holidays be filled with lots of yoga, mindful moments, peace and joy!


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