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Winter Solstice - 3 Rituals to Move From the Darkness to the Light

Winter Solstice is a beautiful time of re-awakening. It represents a turning point in the year when days slowly begin to get longer.

For some, this is a sacred time for quiet reflection and inner stability. A time to reflect and assimilate all of the wisdom, thoughts and feelings that have been cultivated in the dark. This is a sacred observance of unconditional love as well as an opportunity to awaken your energy, find your light and bring it into yourself.

The winter solstice can also be a time of celebration. It’s a day to experience firsthand that light can triumph darkness, and a reminder to hold hope when things seem bleak. At this still point between solstice and equinox we experience the shift from darkness to light through our own inner star gazing. So if you need a little reason to celebrate it before immersing fully into the more traditional Christmas celebrations, here are a few ways you can embrace the darkest day of the year

1. Right down all the things you want to leave behind this 2022

We all go through ups and downs throughout the year, and this is the best time to assimilate and embrace whatever happened or is still going in your life. First, make sure to write down the things you'd love to change, forget, move on from. Let yourself express whatever you’re feeling and let go off what is not longer serving you. Then, take a moment to write down the things/people/moments you loved about this year. Take a moment to appreciate life, your achievements, changes and find gratitude in your heart for it.

2. Normalise rest

If you feel you don’t even have time to take a shower in the morning, maybe it's time to slow down and embrace rest. There is always so much to be done before the end of the year; christmas shopping, cooking meals, sorting out activities for the kids, etc. A cycle finishes and a new chapter begins, but we sometimes feel trapped in the endless to-do list and we can't see the light and take a break. Choose activities that express a place of rest. Go to a yin yoga class, read a book, journal, meditate or spend time in nature. Stop resisting rest, being busy doesn’t always mean being more productive. Take time for yourself!

3. Do a Candlelight Meditation

If you struggle with finding focus and staying present, this a wonderful way to bring yourself back to the now. Light a candle and focus your sight and your attention on the flame of a candle for a certain length of time. The flicker of the candle flame is symbolic of the transformation that occurs in the darkness and you can let yourself be attracted by the changes and colours or expressions of the flame. Having a single point to focus on is very helpful to reduce the distractions of the mind and allow a deeper connection to yourself

Change is one of life's constants, and the seasons are change embodied. Winter is the perfect opportunity to embrace change and adopt new ways of living and seeing the world around us. If we allow it, it can be a great way to rest, reflect and find renewal in preparation for the new year


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